What it is about

The aim of the XML2TeXML project is to provide a bunch of XSL stylesheets for converting DocBook XML and MathML documents into TeXML documents. Support for other document types (for example, SVG) may be added later.

TeXML documents are XML documents. They can be translated into LaTeX source code with Oleg Paraschenko's TeXML translator. This translator takes care of translating lots of non-ASCII characters as well as LaTeX special characters and character sequences into the corresponding LaTeX code, so XML2TeXML doesn't need to deal with these issues.

pdfLaTeX can be used to produce high quality PDF documents from the LaTeX files.

You can help

Since I don't have much time to spend, I would very much appreciate if you are a developer who knows how to deal with XSLT and wants to join the club of XML2TeXML developers. If you are interested, send me an e-mail.

CVS, bug tracker etc.

You can access the CVS repository, file bug reports and do several other things via XML2TeXML's project page.